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Saturday, July 18, 2009

$20 Per Gallon

How the Inevitalbe Rise in the price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better (Hardcover) is a pretty interesting book, I am currently reading, one of those from the library's new book rack, where I often find things that catch my attention, usually can't finish them, because something new will come up, who has time to read, now that I have DTV and lots of family obligations. I found the part about SUV buyers being insecure, vain, nervous about their marriages, unconforable about having become parents, little confidence in thier driving ability self-absorbed and narcissistic with little interest in thier communities and neighbors coming out of Detroit's carmackers expensive market research, wow. However the book does have a good premise and spins the rise of oil to all its positive asspects, and I guess that they do exist in that pollution and globalization will deminish. The main premise of consumption expanding and production getting more expesive is very convincing, so $20 is really going to happen, probably pretty soon as it also looks like we may have inflation helping at some point.
"Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization" and "A Thousand Barrels a Second: The Coming Oil Break Point and the Challenges Facing an Energy Dependent World" are some other books on this issue of global change, the new economy will use more and more telecom, less moving of people and materials.

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