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Friday, December 21, 2007

more interviews

I hate going to interviews, they are lots of work and usually end in disappointment, I guess I never liked dating either.
But I think that a job with real pay might give me more money then my consulting is right now, after all I am not doing that full time. On the down side, I will probably have much less time to learn, so it will hurt my abilities. Perhaps I might have to stop blogging, not that this makes me money, I guess I started putting ads on in August and as of now I am up to $21.39 in revenue. Not impressive, I can surely make more with anything else, but then this blog wasn't about making money, it was about sharing what I am doing in something other then email and about figuring out what all these things do and how they work, it has been a learning experience.

I am almost done cleaning up yet another Windows XP Home machine. It is a Christmas present for Victor, so I have to clean off all the personal files, put them on a really neat Seagate 250 Gig HD I just bought at Best Buy for $99.99, great deal I would say, the loyalty card they made me get kind of sucks, can't these retailers link the loyalty program to a credit card? I can't carry yet another thing, so I will have to enter my phone number each time. Anyways, for something that had expired virus sigs and no patches, not even SP1, wow, it actually was still functional. But I do need to do a reinstall on such a system. If I end up doing this for a living, would need to setup a monitoring firewall to see where all these Windows PCs communicate too. I got to figure that many are part of a bot net or supply services like SPAM or keyboard logging.

Got to run, hate the freeway, grrrr, probably won't take this 40 mile away job, unless I get lots of $$$.

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