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Monday, December 24, 2007

Chevron Refinery

This morning I was in the living room watching the sky slowly light up when I saw a big plum of smoke, watching financial news trying to protect my investments in these hard times, I finally did decide to take a camera and walk out there to see what is going on. I figured that we would get car wash vouchers again as usually happens when the pollute the area, but I am also curious as to what is going on 2 blocks from home. So I did take lots of pictures of the refinery, big black plum of smoke up on the sky, started around 6:30am and by 8am when I am typing this the sky is clear again sun is bright and shining over the buildings, not a cloud in sight. At some point I guess I will find out what is going on.

I took a look at ElSegundo.NET, but no story, haven't figured out what happened. I guess I could call the company, but usually they will leave fliers in car windshields to let you know what happened.

I am watching Fox Business news and this guy there is powering his boat on human fat, wow, I had this idea as well, we are all so fat.

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One Peaceful Light said...

Happy Holidays. Thats very odd that they just burn their own product. It must be some sort of toxic waste that is no good to them? Does it happen often?

In Ecuador they would burn off so much sometimes the sky would rain with black soot... We just made a film about the 30,000 people that have Chevron in court right now, it's been called the largest environmental lawsuit in history. They are seeking a 6 billion dollar remediation.

My gift to you... the film is free

Good luck with your neighbors...

Peace and Love,