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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day after Christmas

I went to Fry's as is custom on Black Friday or Dec. 26. Not that many people, but then I was there an hour after opening. I looked around and found that the 42" Monitor that I had bought last year was still the same price, not on special that day. They had a really poor video feed on it, I guess they were trying to sell more expensive HDTVs by giving them much better feeds, this one looks really good at home, but not in the store. I settled on buying a 300 Gig Maxtor PATA drive for $44, 6 GB/$, and a 750 Gig External Maxtor with USB2.0 and FireWire400 for 149.99 + Tax, 5 GB/$, 2 awesome buys and no more of that out of disk space for me, I had not been able to do complete backups for people here, now that is a thing of the past. I then made a stop at the small Apple store, nothing special going on there, and and Best Buy, but they were both not doing any after Christmas sales, so left rather quickly.

It has been very cold here, yesterday I saw that the temprature had dropped to 58 indoors, good thing I had the heater lit. Not sure if this is the reason I have not been producing much these days. Just seems like a good time to hybernate.

Today I was looking over the Flickr for StartupWeekendLA, then got dragged into the the pictures that Marianne Masculino took, 1600+ wow, that is quite a large collection. Would be nice if JJ took pictures, I do want to take her to the next StartupCamp. I wonder if someday she will ask me to take down this link, she doesn't even really know me except for the StartUp Weekend LA. Anyhow nice collection. I better get mine up there too.

I am doing this on a borrowed latop, I got to say that by now it is easier for me to use Ubuntu then IE 6, on this Windows XP. ^T does nothing for me, no tabs. Oh well, ^N still does the new window, will have to do.

Last night I setup a Real VNC on a computer, but the ATT supplied DSL router is still thwarting me, either that or the computer was turned off overnight, I really don't know, although the guy claims the doesn't do that, foolish as this may be, burning power all night and giving black hats a computer to take over.

This little laptop is very nice, light weight, long battery life and it works great, I might have to create a user here, I have it on weekends sometimes. I feel a bit like I am traveling today, since I am typing this on a borrowed computer. I may be getting a year old HP, hope that the warrenty can remedy the 2 horizontal lines accross the screen. Today using the IE here, not spelling checking, lousy IE. But this is avery nice HP Compaq nc6400, light weight and functional. But I hear the DVD drive is broken. I hear sounds of waking in the next room, time to go back.

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