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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I got a 4 hour gig yesterday buying keyboards, and setting up some things. I still have to figure out why the Win2000 servers Cals expire in 90 days, seems they have some guys that go out every 90 days and bill them $100 for the service of erasing some file, but geez, I would just as soon move the shop to LTSP, rather then Windows, but hey they are set in their ways, although they do have a RedHat server, which I guess should be replaced with CentOS these days, it is probably very old. Anyhow it was interesting to go back to an old client, now if I would only get that GN interview, that is a cool job.

Meanwhile can't get the D-Link DWL-810+ wireless gateway to work with the linksys :( In googling I found an book that talks about SoCalFreeNet.

I finally upgrade the firmware to 2.1 and manage to get a response from the linksys, wow, that is over WiFi, so next dhclient gets me an IP address, yay, why won't the Polycom connect? Never found out, it finally did work, the ping gives me 442 packets transmitted, 426 received, +12 duplicates, 3% packet loss, time 441013ms so not as good as the NS2.

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Anonymous said...


I have a copy of that wireless hacking book. I can loan it to you if you like.

Of course the AP you got wasn't as good as the NS2. :)