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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ghost 2003 restore

On Friday I spent 3 frustrating hours trying to restore a Ghost 2003 backup DVD of Windows 2000. Wish I had brought and installed Ubuntu 8.10. The problem was that the CD I was given, the one that boots, wasn't readable, on any machine. I have been trying to restore this for a long time, as I consider the target machine unfixable, it has lots of software problems, maybe hardware as well and when it was created, David thankfully imaged it and now it is time to use that. I also learned that Norton System Works 2002, which we had available only produces bootable floppies, target machine has no floppy drive, grrr.... OK so can I boot an OS like say Win2000 first? No Ghost will only run under DOS, well maybe Win98, no, it can't see the CD drive that ghost is on, but wait, I could copy Ghost to the HD first and then run it from a booted Win98, err, the NTFS file system isn't readable. I was so frustrated with 3 hours of different ideas that I finally gave up and came home. I need better tools in my bag, maybe carry a floppy drive next time, I have lots in toss out machines here that I can install, the would save the day, the other idea a bootable DOS CD.

Last night I went to a SFVLUG meeting, almost fell asleep, they turned the lights out and gave a presentation about a light weight Window manager, configurable in Haskell like I really need another, good for old computers I guess, didn't clutter the screen. I may try it on some old system. Perhaps DSL would be a good one to put on an old system. After the presentation

Ron and Brian entered a really cool talk about cars, new cars, seems like AFS Trinity has a really awsome car, 150 miles/gal sounds impossible, and maybe it isn't real, but something about using electricity seems much cheaper. But here is the cool part, they didn't let them put up a banner that said it does 150miles/gal, so is it that they can't prove it? So they have the demo outside the LA Convetion center, accross the street from the car show, neat an underground car show :) OK so the car isn't really ready to buy today, you have to wait 3 years for them to develop and produce it, right now they really only think they can make this, have a demo model that does something, maybe it didn't fit the standard, but this sounds like it could be very cool.

I also did some wireless hacking today, mostly trying to get a 802.11g Wireless LAN ALFA Network card to work on a Mac, it has a driver I downloaded from, geez, can't really remember so I put it in AWUS036S76C1300683. Anyhow you can ask me if you clueless and download it to your Mac, it did work, a bit strange how it interfaces, but whatever, it works.


This isn't my car, but I do hear lots of jet noise, but it has been some years so I guess I am not bothered by it anymore. I hope someday I can move away from this industrial area, would rather be somewhere more rural, quiet healthier then between all this industry. This is a nice town, but it is noisy, it is convenient, I am close to everything, really don't even have to leave town for anything, but there is more of a world out there to explore, I think that there are some places I would like to work that could offer more then this town.

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