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Friday, November 28, 2008

HDTV internet for apartments

It seems that the problem I have might be some itch that others want to scratch too. What if I could watch HDTV on my laptop wireless anywhere in the house or on the computer, what if I can record it all to the computer and watch it anywhere any time. I am thinking that perhaps with the on the air HDTV, some kind of tuner could be setup in a shared server PC, and then the building has the ethernet, and WiFi distribute that to the computers in the building. The idea is that this on the air stuff, many don't have the right TVs yet, so put a tuner card in and now the computers can get the signal. Might even be worth putting some kind of cable head end in for the old TVs in the building, who knows if that pays off, but this is something I need, and I think others might as well. I know that Cable TV provides this, however they are expensive. It could be widely deployed, so might be worth looking into. So this could be big, the only thing is getting an internet pipe to a building and an areal antenna to catch the HDTV.

Off to the Black Friday shopping soon, ...


Anonymous said...


Here is the card you need:

Sam Stone said...

Interesting post. The only problem is that you'd need a lot of Hard drive space. HD video is about 1gb per minute.

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