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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cancled cable TV

and here I read that unhappy people watch more TV. Cool, I must be happy then. I have been watching Miro, uTube and Flickr, some people are really out there, like Casey, she has her whole life in pictures. , wow. On the other hand big corporations are asking for handouts, GM wants 25 billion. It is amazing, seems like the time for the big guys to disappear, smaller more efficient companies will buy the assets and life goes on. I am not writing my congress man. The people will find jobs in these smaller companies. I think that we should all cancel our cableTV, move to our own neighborhood internet like SoCalWiFi is suggesting we do, might not be as reliable, but it would be our own.

Tried to find Eric Welsh on Google, going to be interviewed, but they guy is invisible.

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