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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I thought last night would have been a pitch session, but I guess the pitch was lost and ended up a lesson in how to find a good thing to do. I wish I had recored it, as it was really good stuff, and I would no doubt book Ranjit to talk at UUASC or LiLAX on a talk about how to start a company.

You have to find a problem to solve first, something that is broken or you need always makes a good one as at least you have your first user, but mostly you have to decide where you are going to work, what space, then you have to learn the technology to fix the problem, but be sure there is an itch you are scratching you can't change behavior of your usage base to use your product if it isn't something anyone needs. The next thing is how can you get the technology to do this. Usually technology is easier to solve then the fundamental need for something.

So this was mostly a lesson on how to start something that can get funded. There is money out there, I remember being in Germany, where there was also money for people to start businesses. Ycombinator is a possible source of funds once you got a good idea, you have pitched it and you can start coding. I think next time I should take notes as I hear this, rather then trying to remember all of it next day.

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But for my next problem is how to attend LISA when my buddy in San Diego isn't there anymore, then there is also a BarCamp over the weekend.

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Charles Wyble said...


You summarized the meeting very well. :)

It's a pretty common theme I have heard from many different people. His comments were spot on.

Hopefully Stephen/you/howard can build the project we have talked about and make a lot of money. :)

I'm staying focused on the Wifi project.