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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tonight show fond it on eBay

So today I started bidding on eBay for an unattractive 6EXU690 California license plate just for the hell of it. Thinking this auction should be submitted to some of those eBay watching shows like Leno or G4's Attack of the Show. Story is that his wife wouldn't put this on her car the DMV won't take it back, wow, so if you want it bid on eBay. I kept being outbid.


Eric Hagerstrom said...

6exu690. i don't get it. I mean if i think about it i can resolve SEX 69 yoU and O(rgasm?

Geez, have these people have nothing better to complain about?

Anonymous said...


Yeah I don't get it either. It seems petty.

Evidently Stephen took the blog post down. :(

Ah well.

Also bidding on the ebay item is over.

Sam Stone said...

Caught this on the tonight show. Very funny and thanks for sharing.

El Segundo