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Saturday, December 27, 2008


The holidays have for the first time this year given me some time to reflect and do what I want, I had a cold on the 23rd, Festivus, and I ended up going to the FestivusPole website and reading about it, then I saw the episode on Seinfeld, only watched it because I got interested in this phenomenon of coming up with a better way to celebrate the holidays. Apperantly George's dad fought for the last doll in a store and decided that there was a better way, he put up an aluminum pole and the airing of the grievances started it, only to be ended by pinning down the head of household. The holiday for the rest of us, seems pretty easy and inexpensive to setup. Given the economy, I hope I can celebrate Christmas next year as it seems simpler, but hey who knows, something will turn up, like Chinese New Year.

I tried out NetFlix, the streaming works, and you can get lots of content. Seems unlimited, but I can't watch that much. I will have to try out next if I can see 2 movies on 2 different PCs, as in multiple family members. You can with DVDs. It works great on Windows and OS X, both tested with FireFox, but it seems like it might with Linux with Moonlight from the Mono people.

My cold is getting better, I am allowed with the rest of the family again. Big hoopla at work over me asking to telecomute, well lets see if I still have a job on Monday. Other then that all is smooth sailing.

Spent a moment at an design studio here in town asking if they thought the art NetFlix would be a good idea, I thought that I might pitch it at Startup Weekend together with DVDexchange.

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