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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DVD Exchange

I worked on a project I didn't complete a while back, it was a DVD
exchange started by the idea that I could pass on my DVDs to the next
person to watch, but this gives me drawing rights on the exchange to
draw a DVD from someone, I then got my idea validated by someone doing
it, but I think that with broader exposure and more objects to
exchange this idea could flourish and am looking for a place to
develop it. I realize that both eBay and Amazon to a certain extent,
as well as CraigsList enable you to do something like this, but I
think I can still make something more of it. The idea is a NetFlix
without a central exchange, peer 2 peer should increase speed and
lower costs, and despite the P2P, it is legal if you mail the media or
manage to pass it forward in person.

I just listened to the video on
about working in Santa Monica, and it sounds lovely. We are at a
stage where we want to buy a house and find a place to do it, SM is
where I met my wife, were we lived 10 years ago and a good place to
return too. There are plenty of companies that could help make this
come true, but I have to say that Google is the one I find the most

I spend many a night at The Tavern on Main here in El Segundo
brainstorming with 2 guys about economy 3.0 and localization, at least
that is what we talk about these days.


Anonymous said...


Excellent idea. I think that peer2peer in the real world will see a steady increase in 2009 and beyond.

Using technology to facilitate real world activity is certainly a strong growth area. Perhaps we can utilize Rentistry to make the DVD exchange possbile?

Anonymous said...

BTW the tavern has a web presence at

Anonymous said...

For more on economy 3.0 see my blog at: