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Friday, December 19, 2008

Cheap data centers

So we can move the heat with water to a evaporation pound with solar panels at the bottom generating electricity to power the servers. Perhaps the servers electronics can be on the other side of the solar pannel so cooling comes from the water directly, cool... turn it all into roofing, man I should write science fiction, and then maybe it will turn into reality someday.


Eric Hagerstrom said...

A good sci-fi writer has some appreciation for science and engineering (like Jerry Pournelle). A rooftop solar panel below the water: How efficient would that be? How many watts per square meter of rooftop. How much equipment could it power? Consider how the cooling water would be treated and replenished. Not to mention cost recovery over time. Sometimes it's just a better idea to build lots of nuclear power plants.

Anonymous said...


This is Ralf we are talking about here.

He doesn't think before he talks. :)