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Monday, December 15, 2008


I got to bed in time last night to get a good night's sleep and wake
up at dawn, cool. I don't like turning on lights at night as I have
figured out that they screw with your natural cycle. Since I have
renounced TV, I am not longer compelled to stay up late to watch
Letterman or Leno. Life is good this way a green way of living,
reduces the need for electrical power and maximizes the use of natural
light, I am trying really hard to be green, separating my trash even
when others in the house hold will not do it. I want to start a
compost heap again, I used to have one when I lived in a house, but
even here in a smaller space there is a planter where I could burry
the stuff, after all even here a nice little yard would be a welcome
improvement, just have to find a shovel at a garage sale, or borrow
from the owner, could be easy to do, might enjoy the results. It
doesn't often rain in this area, but last night a shower, time to wipe
off the car, I have been waiting for this rain to clean it, but it has
been a long time coming, unfortunately the other car isn't parked
outside, it is covered, big mistake, free water today is cool, but
then when it rains it pours so we may have more of it.

Today I am trying to email post this, It would be an easer way to work
with Blogger, I hope to do it more in the future as well.

So much to talk about and to do today, wish I had more time for this

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