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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

YouTube, VoIP

In watching a great video about trading, I got the idea of putting it on my N95, so I searched and right away found a way to do it, cool, you can put this button on your task bar and on pressing it makes a download MP4 link on the YouTube page, really slick. I have been looking at some cool videos like Virus Alert, Don't Download this song, and this very well done warning to anyone trading, a parody of another cool song by Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats. I even found a neat way to move them to my N95 as MP4s, which gave me a button on my Firefox 3. I spent some time reading the eBay annual report for information on Skype, turns out I want to use it as our companies phones, but can't get these people to get off something more phone looking, like a SIP VoIP phone, oh well. Too bad, they would have saved tons of money, and as for me I plan to use it anyhow, not the VoIP Junction or whatever VoIP that they settled on. My second choice was VoxLineSystems, but that wouldn't be either.

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