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Sunday, August 24, 2008


On my way to work Saturday I found a car show on main St. Yearly event, and since I am still kind of spent from moving, I decided to walk along the street and look at what they have done with all these old cars, they are in immaculate condition, wow, the oldest one I saw from 1933, for sale, it is kind of cool to see so many survive the years and show us what old technology was like, always enjoy looking at them.
Everyone knows that moving is expensive, time consuming and mostly pointless, at least our move seems to be that way. We are trying to save money, by spending lots of it, we end up with a smaller office with less cubes in a lower rent, nicer building. However the old building is pretty damn convenient has lots of entertainment value right in the halls as people are trying to get their licenses back after drinking or age made a policeman think they needed to be pulled off the road, the funny thing about those halls is that they are usually in inhabited by lawyers talking to these clients, but I digress, we are moved now and I am trying to deal with a host of issues, one of them is we have downsized and ended up with tons of ewaste, well not really, it is all useful stuff, but I am not allowed to sell it, give it away or will it do any good at the new office, since it can't be stored there, it would get in the way. So the only real solution that is easy for me to do is store it. Now in the past this solution has been a way to get rid of some money and in the end create trash, I was trying to get another out, but I am resisted by those who can write off that inventory, they won't release it. I heard a story of us paying though our taxes for the same waste in goverment, a fire proof safe that gets moved each time because there is no way to write it out of inventory, it costs $350 each time to move this beast, and no one uses it and we the people pay for this, stunning how you hear about this, I guess in a sense in a company we the employees also in a way pay for the money wasted, it does affect the bottom line and gives them less money to pay us with, but it is all diluted into a bigger picture so it isn't like a home where there are fewer interested parties, but even there, we have lots of stuff in the closets that will never see the light of day, until that garage sale blows it all out and the space is recovered. It just seems a shame that we can't make use of Amazon, eBay and Craigslist to get this stuff out of storage and eventually the landfill which is what I forsee happening.

Meanwhile I got to connect the old space to the internet and setup some machines, the movers did a good job of taking our boxes to the right cubes, and building the cubes, but we are not done, this still doesn't have ethernet, internet or phones, that is sitll working at the old office, funny.

So this week we have to empty the old space.

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