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Saturday, August 16, 2008

data loss

I guess I started this blog in '94 on GeoCities, which was then bought by Yahoo and they one day, when I wasn't watching, or updating my web log decided to delete all the content, I wish I could get it back and add it to this blog, heck, wish I could just read it, but I didn't count on that move by them. It wasn't even much storage, this is why I will backup this little warning on my Google blog, thinking that it might survive there longer, since I figure they are less likely to go out of business any time soon, Yahoo must have been pretty desperate for money to kill my blog. I guess someday I will try to find the old Zip disks that may or not have an old backup of my data, but it does seem like a part of my life, that is documented, that may be gone forever, better hurry too, magnetic media is only good for 5 years.

I have been trying to light a building in El Segundo with Cogent. Light buildings have $6/Mb/s pricing, which seems much better then the $2746 they are proposing to charge us. So a wrote the following email to my neighbor:
What a crazy idea, I called Cogent asked about ethernet again, T3 router is pretty expensive, $1900, and only does 36Mbs, I thought I should have a router that supports the whole bandwidth, but that is $6700, wow, mind you this is all used Cisco, new was very expensive.

So, I called the Cogent deployment person, and they came back with a price of $4250/month for 100Mb/s ethernet, nice, no router, would be good if we don't end up keeping the T3 for a long time, it would actually work out better. But geez, I am sorry I ever said yes to the T3, it is not great to buy this router, not had much luck with PCI cards either. HSSI PCI cards exist, but I am not sure if I can make it work, I found one for $24.99 on eBay, thought great, then was told by the VP Eng, that it was only 20 Mb/s max, great, plus Cogent has to contract our T3 for 12 months with their upstream provider, which probably means we are stuck with that for 12 months.

I feel like getting Cogent to get the T3 router and put it in their closet, give service to 3 companies in the building, shared T3, nice, cheaper for us. You want to partake?

I really am a penny pincher, want cheap bandwidth and feel that we got a bum deal with the T3, install costs: 2500+1900+2000 install, yes that riser company is a trip, our move is costing 30K+, the CFO will have a problem with that, but the bottom line is we are trying to save costs with this move, yea right, stupid idea to move to save costs, we should have sublet, that would have saved money by increasing revenue.
I always have liked the idea of sharing bandwidth, and with so much to share, should be really doable.

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