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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I can't believe I still haven't worked on this picture of the ATT CO on the curb, that I posted the earlier picture on, time flies by, like an arrow and I am getting behind on blogging, lazy summer days, might actually be best spent on vacation since we are not really that productive in Auguest anyhow, I find myself often simply staring into the screen trying to collect my thoughts, maybe it is time to fly to China and spend some time there. Anyhow can't wait to have it lit, maybe I will start by canceling the old provider, I want to try the new one. No more crappy pictures or interpretable internet, I hope.

Last night's WebDevMeetup was a blast, good food lots of interesting people and EC2S3 talk about poolparty. I met an old CEO that I did some work for, found out he sold his company around the time I finally got paid, very interesting timing. I have to say that the office was very frustrating, bad internet, no phones, it was really on the cheap and makes me think about our move and what we should pay for, how we choose our suppliers and all that. Our current office is very reasonable, I am trying to get some things to work great in the new office too.
So this was all on the set of 24, since this is a Fox property, that Rubicon is working out of. They have catered food and it is a pretty amazing meeting place. Having all the same Ikea desks that we have in our back room, geez, we should try selling ours to them, they would match current furniture, lol... CraigsList would work too, I bet I should put some up here for sale, if you know me you can contact me kind of thing, geez, if I will be doing that might as well get people to ask for furniture in the El Segundo area at bobo92 at hotmail and be done with that, or hand out one of my 13 phone numbers?

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