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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Skype 5 Beta OS X

I use Skype all the time was excited to hear about a new version. Skype 5 Beta OS X isn't as great as the version numbers would indicate, I had 2.8 OS X and decided to try the newest and I have to say that so far I am disappointed. The old design with searchable contacts and history just worked well for me, I was used to it, smaller space on the screen. The only cool feature, the multi person video seems like it is only free for 30 days and I haven't even been able to find 2 people willing to try it with me, so afraid I might run out of time befoe I even use it. I may just downgrade to 2.8 after the 28 days I have left in the multivideo thing expire.

So after playing with Skype 5 beta OS X for 2 days, I have downgraded to 2.8 again as I miss its better user interface, screen sharing and smaller screen size.  I was never able to get the 28 video conferencing demo working, and besides if it is time limited, it doesn't do me much good anyhow.

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