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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Microsoft undergroundPDC

Went to the Nokia Club last night for the Windows Phone 7 event and Azure, they fed us and gave us open bar, a few Windows phones were raffled off, but only a few, it was a bit boring, to be honest, not the excitement of open source or Apple events.  I was however sorry not to have won a phone, would love to play with one. I guess that sales of 40K show that the rest of the world is also disinterested in WP7. Anyhow it was a good meetup with lots of people, although I find it interesting how few I know from these events. SCALE is far more interesting then these PDC events. I bet if MS got the SCALE organizers on board, they would put up a better show then last night. Dan'l Lewin and Blake from Yahoo had a talk about startups, Daniel Egan was there again to push WP7 and ran into Chao and Woody as usual at MS events.

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