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Friday, February 24, 2017

Thanks RingPlus for a great value

So my free phone service with RingPlus is over I got migrated to Ting on 2/21 as they said it would happen.  Price on Ting is OK if you don't use your phone much, but it is great to have mobile data, so I am looking for a better deal.  Sprint currently has 5 lines for $90/month unlimited with roaming included, tempting.  MintSim a limited promo for $11.67 for 3 months, TextNow has a R+ porting instructions and an unlimited 2G starting at $13.99.  Cellphone service has so  many options it is confusing, but the winner for low usage is still FreedomPoP for $0/month you can get 200 Min of VoIP over your WiFi and data plan, which also has an additional 200 Meg, but with friends you can make that more.  Data speeds a pretty good and coverage is a bit lacking for voice as it runs over the data, so  you need to use a rather clunky FreedomPOP Messanger App to call.  FreedomPOP often has great deals on WiFi data as well.  And then there is a month of unlimited on AT&T network for $6.99, limit 3 on H2O SIM.  I ordered this, will let yon know once I use it, too many options right now, will stick with Ting for the free $35 intro they gave me for coming from RingPlus. I am surprised by how affordable a 4GB RAM 64 GB BLU Life ONE X2 is $179.99

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