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Sunday, February 5, 2017

More free phone service

FP, free SIM cards. looks like they're going to feed off the dead Ring+ carcass.

To keep your Ringplus phone from becoming instantly obsolete without having to pay recurring charges or any calling requirements of any kind,

READ AND FOLLOW these steps. Do not skip, do not execute out of order, do not hesitate.
NOTE: This will NOT save your Ringplus number OR your top off there. The following instructions just keep your phone alive and provides continui g service without cost as you exit the sinking ship.

1. First swap out your the IMEI of your R+ phone with a dummy, or just CANCEL the R+ line altogether
2. Create VCC with BoA, Citi,, Kroger Visa/Mastercard money card, whatever

Then the usual procedure applies...
1. Register with FP, using NEW email address and VCC from BoA, Citi,, Kroger Visa/Mastercard money card, whatever
2. Downgrade both PLAN and SERVICES
3. Add $5 to top off and turn auto top off OFF to avoid being charged top off or being cancelled for overages in the future

Optional: Add "Freedompop Friends" to bring your free minutes and data allocation up to something useful.

Feel free to continue to use your phone, knowing that if you exceed your allocation your phone service will simply stop working until you add money or next month's allocation kicks in.  

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