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Monday, February 21, 2011


SCALE is on Friday and I am thrilled to be attending, in fact cut my vacation short to get back in time.  What I didn't realize at the time I booked my flights is that I would be speaking on Getting Started with Ubuntu, which is a pretty good topic for me to reintroduce myself to getting start with Ubuntu, coming from OS X. I have started by setting up VirtualBox on my fresh install of Snow Leopard. Downloaded the Desktop 32bit Ubuntu 10.10 and Server. Starting to think about my ouline:
Ubuntu Desktop
Ubuntu Server
Cloud Computing. This is getting interesting, sorry I will miss Herding Cat5 during my talk. I would rather talk in DevOps, but alas, I didn't apply.

I still can't find anyone interested in keeping LiLAX going by putting in their own time. The domain expires in March, I don't know if it is worth renewing, it is a good name, but there are so many other tech events in LA, and Linux just works, people don't seem to need the LUGs anymore. Besides we have a thriving SCALE.

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