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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chat Roulette

I hate talking about this site, but after Stephan introduced me to it, I have been obsessed by it. Something about 100% growth a day got me to pay attention.

[2/22/10 4:48:17 PM] Stephen: Geez, awesome idea.
Why didn't I come up with it?
Lots of freaks out there!

So this 17 year old kid in Russia can't find random people fast enough on Skype, he is in the NY times. I hear about the bubble CD girl, and Sticher; consider moving LiLAX to Google AppEng, to save on free hosting and scaling it, but mostly to learn about their cloud services.

However, after some time, I went on the site and decided I should shave and get a haircut, I was being nexted every second. This site sucks, however it is featured in the NYTimes and has a million dollar valuation on SiteLogr. Even has some imitators: the defunct Polish AnoChat, which is working again, but sparsely populated, I don't get nexted as much, and often will get reconnected to the same people. So I google chat roulette and find that Youtube has many videos including the Chat Roulette: Eye Vagina so I try to put the crack between to fingers up on the site and I don't get nexted as much, people find it entertaining, and don't quite know what they are seeing until they see me through the fingers and of course I get nexted, but not after getting a good laugh. At this point I want to build my own CR using Skype.

[2/28/10 12:19:53 PM] Stephen: I see there is an app in Ubuntu that lets you play video to a loopback driver for use as a fake webcam.
apt-get webcamstudio
it worked for the test
but I couldn't get chatroulette's flash app to use it ... maybe they hard-coded to exclude loopback, I don't know.
But thought I would share the alternatives to CamTwist (for Mac) and SplitCam (for Windows).

This skype conversation goes on for weeks. I keep returning to the SiteLogr graph, from Alexa and am stunned. It just keeps going, they now have P2P, the idea I was going to implement on Skype, another idea I didn't have time to complete. WSJ has CR by the numbers.

[3/2/10 2:08:08 PM] Stephen:
[3/2/10 2:08:58 PM] RalfX: chatrt without video. hmmm
OK I try Omegle:
You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: chatrt without video. hmmm
Stranger: ?
Stranger: i know that site
Stranger: it is bullshit
You: however it used to grow 100%/day
Stranger: sure
Stranger: evebody shows dick on that site
Isn't as much fun without sound and video, just like the old IRC, how 80s.

[3/2/10 4:53:38 PM] Stephen:

[3/8/10 11:15:30 AM] Stephen: Guess what I did with my Sunday:

This is the coolest video I found on CR:

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

and I spent some more time trying to engage people to talk:
Stranger: 9000
You: hmmmm
You: are you sure?
Stranger: yes
You: so 30x3x10=900
You: or 10x10x9=900
You: sorry no tits for you
Stranger: are you a man ?
You: u will never know
You: :P
Stranger: lol
Stranger: where ae youy ?
Stranger: are you
You: 6:06 am
Stranger: ouf
You: so if you wait until the sun raises, you could see
Stranger: but where?
You: however you could see another 1000 people until then
Stranger: i dont understand i'm french
You: hmmm, that is no excuse
Stranger: who are you ?!
You: hey I just heard France in
You: which is the sound track
Stranger: an you where are you ?
You: in the bedroom
Stranger: but where is your bedroom ?
You: Je habit a Nice un anne et demi
You: 2nd floor
Stranger: on habite a coté de nice
You: wow
Stranger: et ouai the world is small
You: Gambetta 1996-97
Stranger: ok
Stranger: we go
Stranger: good bye !
You: ok
You: bye
Stranger: goog next

and then I went on to other distractions and work.

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