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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ah the memories

SCALE is down to the last day, but I will have the memory to keep :) It has been a great Saturday, the keynote was as always inspiring, and I have to say that I did lots of thinking while there. Jono Bacon talked up a revolution, well not really but he does really do a great job in front of a crowd. The IPV6 talk was really crowded and hot so I decided it was time to spend in the lobby, where I found a stack of router logs to review again. Dru gave a great overview of why she likes BSD better. Made mew want to switch. John Willis gave an, Introduction to Chef slides seemed a bit strange, but he had some good experiences to share. Keith Wright's Troubleshooting Linux was so packed and basic I left, can't say if it got better. A good BOF for cloud computing and a rather big key signing party, looked a bit like speed dating, except everyone was trading government ID and checking people on a list, there has got to be a better way of doing this on computers. The reception was a big givaway, now if I could only find the person who won the mother board and make a complete system out of my memory. I can sure use a good computer to power Ubuntu and all the other distros I got on the floor. Perhaps I can finally enjoy BSD, it really does seem like it is time to play with it more. PC-BSD looks pretty nice.

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Eric Hagerstrom said...

So far at SCaLE I've been most impressed at how evolved and ready the LTSP (Linux Terminal Service Project) is. The best session I attended (apart from LTSP) was by a dentist from Scotland who, on his own, developed OpenMolar, a dental office management system, using Python. But the stimulus of the amassing of 1,400 geeks and newbies is reason enough to fly across the country for the experience.