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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bing and the glory days of Detroit

I rediscovered Cranky Geeks today. I actually managed to get away from my job this weekend, the one that goes on for more then 40hours a week, what a time drain. Anyhow I clicked on the Bing article in PC Mag and well written as it is the web version of PC mag with all its ads and ad links is very annoying, however some articles are good so I guess we tolerate it, until we read blogs, where you don't have as much junk. But who am I to complain, I ended up trying ads on my blogs, not that they produce, I have lots to learn. Still haven't fixed the Digg problem with this blog, my best article is still misdirected on Digg, which surely doesn't help me get diggs.

I used to hate writing stuff in school, I guess now that I have spell check and typing 2 things that I wasn't good at are not a problem anymore. However I still lack some more inspiration, but meanwhile I have gotten pretty familiar with the technology and am trying to get my dad to do his memoirs using some form of online distribution because it is free, fast and easy, however he insists on printing them on paper and mailing them, at a big expense. Seems rather silly to me, when you could actually make money blogging, mind you not much, however currently he spends money to print and mail these books out using Word, seems so 90s, this century blogging I was told is so 2006, twitting is in. Yet how do you get them to change their ways? I bet you he would hate it if he had to wait a year for my thing to get printed and mailed to him :P I have to wonder if this upcoming generation is even going to read books, schools may decide that the Kindle or OLPC is more cost effective.

I am reading Ripped this week, on paper, been a long time since I read on paper, other then the crap that fills my mailbox. Most everything is on screen now.

Cool video from the 1939 worlds fair on making a Chrysler.

After watching this video and some of the cool features of a '37 Plymouth, want to test drive one.

Interesting videos from a time when cars were interesting, now they are just a problem for us, we can't get cheap oil anymore and need something new, like maybe 240 Miles range all electric car that Build Your Dreams is making not in Detroit but China.

But these old videos are rather interesting to watch. Streamlining a car from the '30s.

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