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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apple tools

I have been using a Mac Book Pro for the past half a year, I thought cool when I got it, these are sure pretty, they don't crash as much as PCs do and are slick, pretty and expensive, so I was so happy when one fell into my lap a few jobs ago.  It has changed my OS and increased my ability to work anywhere.  They open and are ready for you, the are there you can really get hooked on these slick machines.  I got up really early today worried about a tax issue I have to resolve today, no good solution for it, but it does keep me awake to irritate the heck out of me that my time goes into this accounting BS, but I don't have people, I got to find people, people that can help me do things, and hopefully make my time more valuable doing other core functions, like a well paid job.  I did get a job offer today, a day late, but hey who cares, I really don't want to start anytime soon, but June 8 is my start day, I figure I will be taking this job, what do I have to loose.  It is a permanent position with benefits and a 401k, should make the wife happy, I was happy working for the startup doing clouds, but hey, you don't always get what yo want, especially when you enter in partnerships.

Meanwhile had to finished watching Glee, which is a real tear jerker and finally have a moment to myself where I can blog, but honestly, blogging is something I can't afford to do anymore, yet years later, it will be interesting to look back on this, if Google is still around and hasn't deleted my account.  I have ads to help them, I know it hardly helps me to have a blog, the income is still 0, couldn't reach the first $100 to get paid yet and I am not allowed to ask you my loyal readers to click on them, unless you really find them interesting, actually I am really not allowed to talk about this at all. After all, click fraud is a bad thing for Google's advertisers that pay real money for the ads, and me being a shareholder, I guess I do care about the reputation of the company I own, I didn't start this blog to make money on ads, lucky for me, because that model only works if you have some really good content and lots of viewers, which I clearly don't. I am only at 12,062 page impressions.

So I snuck away 2 paragraphs about personal stuff, when I was really trying to talk about Apple, geez.  My motivation when I started this post turned into personal dribble.

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