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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gizmo5 Skype calls

Today I got a cool email from Gizmo telling me that we can now make and receive calls with Skype, neat video showing it on an N95. But I have Fring loaded on my N95 and have been pretty happy with it for a long time. Either way it is cool that things are starting to interoperate. I bet in time everyone will know what Skype is, and Gizmo is a second to that right now, unfortunate as it supports standard SIP, but given how unstable the software is, has hurt it. Still it is a pretty cool platform. Things are also interesting on the Skype side as they have released a very cool app for the iPhone. I haven't tried it yet, but hear that it works great from Jacques. It is however limited to the WiFi for the free calls and does work on the Touch. So it makes the Belkin Skype phone obsolete for him.


Charles Wyble said...

Skype also supports SIP now. So.... :)

Also I sent you the Gizmo SIP stuff ages ago. :)

RalfEriX said...

Thanks Charles, I can't believe it, yes Skype supports SIP in beta: