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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CloudComputing and Conficker

Up way too early, this week is fun, maybe because it is the last full week I get to work in the office on cloud computing and we have a PoolParty meeting on Wednesday at ISI in Marina del Rey. This area is at the beading edge, I keep reading things that are just published and getting to play with them. The tide has definitely turned from colo to cloud.

Meanwhile I am listening to podcasts again and they have been great, Flossing with Bacon was cool but having Security Now call: "Windows is a steaming pile of crap" was really neat. He did some research on Conficker and found it a very interesting

At the office early, regretting chickening out of AMR yesterday, at least I didn't get rid of the whole position. So trying to buy C at 2.5 today and sell the rest of AMR at 5.5, while buying it back cheaper.

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