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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Had a LiLAX pitch session today for future talks where only Dallas gave 2 lightning talks, about bash. Only 9 peope showed up so no server was raffled as we need 10 for that. Lucky we got one speaker, because my bright idea of getting some speakers from the SCALE list didn't work, not one showed up. Next month LiLAX has a talk about 0 day vulnarabilities. The day before I had herd that the Dell Inspiron Mini can run OS X, and I got to play with a white one with 8 Gigs of disk, and Ubuntu preloaded, they are very cool, tiny fingers would work well, 8.2" screen isn't huge, but they are very cool. This one he got for 211-15% discount, very cheap as well.

Spent the afternoon trying to reprogram a Polycom 320, what a waste of time, it always reverted back to VoxLineSystems programming as that was in the auto provision server, not sure what menu the IP address of it was in though as the phone showed as the IP address, but it did keep coming back working with them, like a locked phone. I have one more of the same sealed in the box and a BT200 that I know works and got to get back.

Flowers were for sale everywhere, which made me think at first hey the economy is good, people are buying valentines, but then I thought, no this is bad, it mearly means people are trying to sell flowers to others, they have no income and invested in flowers to sell on street corners and everywhere, wow, they have to try to get money. I really don't know, didn't talk to them, but lets see if the market is still floaded on Sunday.

Got up around 1:40 am to do some outstanding things like blogging, but not before seeing some after market lane and car proximity sensor in an infomercial. I had just been to the colo on Tuesday and Thursday in a Lexus that had a really annoying 'mother in law in back seat driver' like device that would just bitch about anything you did. Aftermarket install that was put in the car after an accident broke the original part. The infomercial makes some points about distracted driving and makes it seem like you buy this device you can text and drive, because it is watching the road for you. So I discover that it is a link to a blog that I posted above which has a cool 'Your doing it wrong' picture collection.

I am on 5:40 and he is saying "this is Uri's seat", then I see Uri come online while I watched this tour of the space station.

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