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Saturday, February 7, 2009

3rd Gen MacBook Pro on Ubuntutu 8.10 CD

I just booted a 3rd Gen MacBook Pro on an Ubuntutu 8.10 CD and other then some annoying keybindings it all seems to work great on the live CD. All I did was get the CD in there and lean on the c key to boot, choose my language and I am running just fine with out installing yet. Although for it to be useful it does need to be tweeked. The tourch pad will paste every time you touch it and there are just some Apple tweeks that don't quite work on the keyboard like the Ctrl key is used to cut and paste and ^L for the URL line in FireFox, but all pretty minor considering what a different machine this is, I am running Ubuntu on the bare metal, no bootcamp, no virtualization, really cool. I don't have a reinstall disk for this thing, so if it goes wrong I now have a backup plan, would be nice to have a spare HD to try this with, like blow the system and reinstall. Even WiFi works. It is cool when something just works, now if I could stop getting out of place by triping over the touch pad, didn't seem to happen under OS X.

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