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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Best Buy, Google, Huawei please fix my Nexus 6P

Yesterday I get a hangouts call and answer it on my trusty Nexus 6P that I bought as a referb with warranty from Best Buy on eBay about a year ago.  I remember thinking I needed to return it as it sometimes rebooted on me and had issues charging, but other then some quick reboots and not being able to charge on low power USB it worked great for about a year.  Then on Saturday I get the worst Hangouts call ever, first trouble hearing me on the other side then a reboot which ended up in a loop.  I try to press some buttons to get out of it and finally try power volume down and am able to enter a screen that at least gives me power off, meanwhile I was reading that there is a solution to the bootloop issue on XDA-developers from XCnathan32 albeit by disabling 4 cores, sounds like better than a brick though, so I try to do this, however my bootloader is locked and I am unable to flash the phone.  I also see some solutions involving temperature and rebooting often that might be able to temporarily get in by fixing the hardware issue.  Maybe if I take advantage of the fact that the screen is coming off the phone and actually get in I might see where the bad connections are?  Or is it an issue with the heat off a 810, who knows, why does the hair dryer help on some phones.  In any event there are plenty of pissed off customers and there is a class action lawsuit in the works, but I had to move my SIM to a N95 phone, which has stud the test of time, I guess Nokia did build quality hardware, although the S60 OS is now so dated and the phone was never really that useful compared to a modern cellphone.  Not sure what I will buy next while I figure out how to get Huawei to fix my phone as I feel they are at fault for producing hardware that fails, but the jury in the lawsuit I guess will decide that one as Google and Huawei seem to be pointing fingers at each other.  If only Google would sign the fix that disables some cores it would make things easier for me to get my phone working.  Meanwhile please sign the petition so that we can fix our bricked Nexus 6P if Google cares at all about this hardware and isn't just trying to sell a Pixel to all us bricked 6P users.  It isn't time for a new phone for me, this one was great back when it worked and should be good for another few years.  I need to write some letters to these companies CEOs.

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