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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Homeless in Silicon Valley

I wasn't aware how close to me the homeless bus is since I don't generally take the late bus or was even aware of the 24x7 nature of the 22 bus on El Camino, the main rode in these area.  Further more there is a whole area of homeless encampments right in my area.  I definitely understand how this can happen in this area of wealth.  Not everyone makes it in the tech industry and this area like Hollywood attracts more and more talent from around the world so the competition is tough to get jobs.

It makes sense that if you get on the 22 bus with nowhere to go, you might as well stay in it and keep out of the cold. Would be neat if the VTA could apply the fare to a cheap motel, but I guess they aren't in this business, even if by happenstance the buses are moving people to nowhere.  It is a sad reality, I get that the AOL intern was lucky enough to sleep at his old job as no one turned off his badge and was able to eat sleep and slower while working on his start up.

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