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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

new office, new job, kinda

it has been a while since I have woken up in the middle of the night thinking, I got to blog, however tonight I was thinking about our new SFSF offices in SSF, they are really nice, but the green hill they are sitting on was impacted by this building, so I was thinking how to minimize the impact by taking that removed top soil and planting a green roof on top of the building as the California Academy of Science does. This would make it less of an impact, now you only take from the environment the shadow that the building casts, however since the sun moves all still gets light at some point even reflected light most of the time.

Since the office is now further away I carpooled there Tuesday and Wednesday trying to take the shuttle, but I have to say that some people in the old MS Office world with the attached PDFs make finding information so hard it took me 30 min to find the departure time of the bus from Mountain View at 7:30 and 9:00 am, amazing when a simple time and link to the location would have made it so easy to read and find, but having to email image PDF files to people because they have a paper mindset isn't very useful, maybe this info could be included in the google transit, but it is a private shuttle, so I guess they don't want the whole world to know the info so Google would have to know who gets to see this info.

R said today that he wanted to see a sunrise at least once from the building, cool I thought this would be a great view to watch the sun rise and your looking east as well so it works great.  However then this night I am thinking, hmmm, does he think of staying late at work or going early? Since R isn't an early riser, I am thinking it might be a toss.

I have earned 15.46 on this blog since my last payout a few years ago, I guess it proves that putting the ads in a hard to see place does cut revenue. I have also posted much less, which will also impact revenue.

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