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Monday, October 10, 2011

ec2 deployments

I spent most of this week working on automating an EC2 deployment.  I want the servers to be run over and over again in a predictable manner.  Get them running in the 5 min, they can run in, the base AMI is mostly done, has lots of packages and the scripting that remains is trivial, however I haven't found a good way to do it with bash and awk, don't have the time to learn Boto or the inclination to use RightScale.  However I feel a bit like I am rewriting Poolparty, but way behind on this.  I would be very interested in others solutions, experiences, frustrations and successes.  Feel free to comment below.

So far I use a spreadsheet as a starting point for what the servers will be, then export the data as a CSV and have bash/awk turn it into ec2-run-instances commands.


Gareth Bowles said...

Can you add an example of the server data from your spreadsheet ?

Steve Finnell said...
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Aleksey Tsalolikhin said...

Check out

for a demo of multi-node deployment, configuration and integration on Amazon EC2 cloud using Cfengine.