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Friday, May 6, 2011


I haven't used BitCoin yet, but given that it is gaining value vs the USD it is now on my radar and since I have a former neighbor who spends lots of time blogging about BitCoin, I have been learning about it to the point I actually finished the Wikipedia articule last night, after giving a 5 min lightning talk on BitCoin at UUASC and trying to book a speaker to talk about it in Culver City, unconfirmed as of yet.  I won't go into what it is or why it is interesting, however Forbes has taken notice, it got Slash-dotted and has a upward trend right now.  All things that make me interested in learning what this is and how it works and what problem it can solve for me. is the main page, there are some Twitter feeds, Facebook, and 1,320,000 google results for further info.

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