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Friday, March 18, 2011

Google Transit

I was without a 109 bus schedule at SCALE trying to remember when that hourly bus might arrive, I had an Android phone that can tell me when MTA busses arrive, but doesn't have any information about BCT, which is a bit of a regular problem for me. It is also hard to find any schedule info on the website, and I hear that the PDF is out dated, not to speak of the obvious problem of it being a PDF on a phone web browser, not friendly. I am trying to take the bus more in LA, but just as in the old days, it is still hard to navigate.  The only bright spot is Google Transit has made it much easier for most cities, but not the Beach Cities. I have tried emailing to the email on the schedule, but it isn't helping, it bounces, and the alternate email that the bounce suggested, well it went unanswered.  Phone messages go unanswered as well. Maybe I can find more people on the web that would like to help get this info into Google Transit, so that they can retrieve it on Google Maps. Anyhow the website shows (310)937-6660 might be the number to call them on, maybe you can find a human there.

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