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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can't make a living with ads

After putting ads on my blog in June2007 I have finally gotten paid: $103.91Last payment (Jan 25, 2011) at least I trust Google when they say they did this. So close to 4 years for the first payoff. On the plus side, I don't mind sharing my money with them, as they do host the blog for free as well as many really great services like search, email and voice, which I all use. Thanks Google for all you do for us, however don't try to make a living blogging, at least not if you have rubbish content like I do, no one comes here,

I hear that ultra local micro bloggers do make money, I shuold probably walk across the street and ask to see's numbers.  He does seem to have more local content that might pop up in a search.

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