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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Windows activation sucks, I am writing this on a OS X and listening to a podcast on Ubuntu from TWIT, although the video and the audio are of different programs right now. No wonder I don't use Windows anymore, I seem to remember that I spent most of my time in Windows doing stupid things like activation and drivers, a Mac just works and Ubuntu just works, no hassle, simpler easy and open source in that case. Yet they want to capture the minds again with Windows 7, and I am hearing about all this activation crap on TWiT, I am now inclined not to use it, I almost warmed up to it, but no, not interested anymore, no wonder Apple has such a high PE, and MSFT such a low one. However I remember once hearing an IT guy crying on the phone to Adobe about how hard it is to move a copy from one computer to another, I guess Gimp will get some users from this hassle, yet PhotoShop is still better then Gimp.

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Sarolite said...

I beg to differ. I used Ubuntu for a good time and switched back to Windows because Ubuntu did not "just work." It did "just work" after I handed my computer to Charles and he fixed it, but that doesn't count. It has to just work for people like me who are savvy enough to use the computer, but not to fix it.